SS7 for the common person…

Many of you that know me are aware I’ve been pretty deep in the telephony world for quite some time. Everything from putting fiber into the ground to SS7 links.  Over the years I’ve written a lot of code to do SS7 messaging and signaling either for gateway type applications or full blown ss7 data servers.  Many have inquired about wanting SS7 but had no real understanding of what they wanted and certainly didn’t want to pay to figure it all out.   I still think there is a void there between commercial full blown SS7 and the SS7 tinkerer.  This article will an introduction be for the latter.

Ever wondered how to do a CNAM, LNP,send a text message to a mobile or SMS800 query?  Well its done via SS7 TCAP messaging on the public network.  You’ll need either some real SS7 links or some tools to gateway to those links.  If you would like to play with this and have access to a SS7 switch contact me and I may send you a binary to allow you to talk to your switch.   I’ve also developed some clever ways to “NAT” a SS7 link.  I’ve also built some neat utilities to gateway from real DS1 links to things like M3ua without much trouble. I’ll be posting some articles in the future based on conversations this article generates.  Hopefully, the FCC will soon mandate VOIP type signaling and do away with SS7 (Black Magic) but until then some of us just have to deal with it.

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2 Replies to “SS7 for the common person…”

  1. Hi Shane,

    I’d really like to talk to you about your SS7 work, and some of the software you’ve written. Would you be willing to drop me an email?

    I can’t seem to find a way to contact you.

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