Zeagle Ranger BC – Some version history

First my standard disclaimer.  This blog is for information only.  I don’t warranty any of the info and I’m rarely right so use common sense.  With scuba gear always consult a professional.

About a year or so ago I picked up a used inexpensive Zeagle Ranger BC.  I had used them at the squad and really liked it. On the first dive or two I noticed it was a bit different than the other Zeagle rangers folks had. The first thing was that it didn’t have  a chest strap at all.  My first thought was I was just going to purchase a upper section to gain the strap.  After looking at other BC’s I realized that the buckle size was different as well.  Thus I began my hunt on EBay for a used Ranger BC that had the chest strap. It took a few months but I did purchase one.  After setting them side by side I could see many differences.  Here is  a short list:

  • No chest strap on the older BC
  • The upper straps on the older BC are straight instead of the curved.
  • The ranger logo on the older BC is embroidery where the newer one is plastic or rubber.
  • All  of the buckets are smaller on the old BC which prevents you from crossing from old to new
  • The outer pockets velcro where the newer BC is zippered on both the weight section and pocket section.
  • The folding pocket on the old one is a single chamber. The newer has two flaps.
  • The lift strap on the old one is just nylon webbing material and doesn’t have the grip area the new one does.

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