Apple Tablet – AKA The iSlate

I’ve been seeing various publications report that the iSlate is real and will be out on the market soon.  The applications for a inexpensive tablet PC with a virtual keyboard is really appealing to a lot of applications I think about daily.  For law enforcement it would be the perfect medium to complete paperwork, get signatures and be a general purpose device much more useful with a SSD than the current offerings of heavy rugged laptop currently used.  The medical field tablets have been used for quite some time now.  For technicians and tool makers this could be the perfect platform to provide a rich and powerful GUI to there wares via bluetooth or USB.

Hopefully they will release it and if its inexpensive enough I might just write more apple applications.  Right now I stick to linux but often find myself doing systems programming using XCODE using CMAKE which allows me to work on my Mac and deploy on linux.  I just wish Apple would include a compatible SCTP lib  I’d be a really happy camper.

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