SS7 – A-Link M3UA MTP2 . Now what?

Well if you have been following along you either have a M3ua link up and running or you really want one, peeking ahead to see what it’ll do.  Well my first application was something very simple.  I wanted to do my own CNAM lookups so I built a small TCAP query interface.  It  allowed me to pass a DN via IP and returned the Callers Name. Very useful when you have  a VOIP switch and want to provide real cnam.  I first wrote interfaces for Asterisk then soon after FreeSwitch. I eventually wrote all other queries and wrote interfaces into provisioning and billing to further enhance what we could do automated.

One of the more interesting applications that can be had with with SS7 tooling is TCAP voicemail.  Most of the gear I had used TCAP and it was not hard a all to write a quick TCAP interface to use both Asterisk or Freeswitch as a voicemail platform.  After playing with this I soon realized it was just as easy to build my own TCAP data storage applications.  The main reason for doing this the gear I had didn’t have a very polished API and it wasn’t uniform.  Now I could host all my CNAM, LNP, SMS800 and billing data myself using my own code integrated with billing and provisioning.

In the next segment I’ll discuss what’ve I’ve seen with ISUP signaling.  The meat and bones of doing calls over SS7.

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One Reply to “SS7 – A-Link M3UA MTP2 . Now what?”

  1. Is this open source? If yes, please let me know where can I find the source code?

    I am looking for sample SS7 trace for LNP query ( MTP+SCCP+TCAP+ AIN 0.2)
    By any chance do you have sample traces?


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