Learning Neutral Buoyancy Scuba Diving Control How To

I have many of the open water skills mastered but as with any thing else try to practice each one to keep my muscle memory fresh in case I need the skill during an emergency.  My next skill I’ve been trying to polish up on is buoyancy control.  During my first dives my hands flailed a lot, I seemed to either be positive or negative and had trouble hitting the sweet spot.  I think a lot of it was I didn’t sit down and think about it until many frustrating dives later.  I’ve also been logging things I’ve figured out and tips that may help others which is below: Continue reading “Learning Neutral Buoyancy Scuba Diving Control How To”

Public Safety Radio Programming – The easy way – Processing Serial

In 2004, we had a large flood in area and departments from other areas of the state came to the EOC to help. One of the big issues was getting radios programmed so we could talk to each other.  Recently while playing with my Kenwood TK-380 I wanted to see how hard it was to capture and view the data. Using a simple processing script I dumped the data to disk and could see it was binary data.   Continue reading “Public Safety Radio Programming – The easy way – Processing Serial”

CoCo Days- Developing not for the desktop but back to cool gadgets with Micro-controllers.

At about the age of eight I remember waking up on Christmas morning and strolling into the living room to see a white Tandy box that would change my life forever.  I remember it like it was yesterday. A while box was propped up in the living room along with a joystick, tape drive, and printer.  I had wanted a microcomputer for over a year and now I finally had one.  Over the next year I learned the basic language and got to experience my first twenty four hour or greater stints of uninterrupted programming.  I remember days of digging through those Tandy catalogs and dreaming.  An avid subscriber to Rainbow magazine, first BBS operator in my area, among other things.

Continue reading “CoCo Days- Developing not for the desktop but back to cool gadgets with Micro-controllers.”

Motorola ML850 Rugged Laptop Getac W130 Hard Drive Replacement

I recently had to revive a ML850.  Having lots invested in docking these I figured I might as well document what I had to do and take some pics to hopefully ease the pain of others.  First to disassemble these you have to remove the bottom “pan” from the unit.  The only two hidden screws are underneath the battery.   You only need to take out the case screws and not the rubber cover screws.  At the front of the pan there is a place to place a small flat head screwdriver to gently pry the pan off. The pan also has a wire that needs to be disconnected. Continue reading “Motorola ML850 Rugged Laptop Getac W130 Hard Drive Replacement”

Dark Water Diving – Scuba in the Dark

Dark water diving initially to me was night diving.  I have done a few dives in semi clear water with the worst being a few feet of visibility.   Recently we did a training dive at Bear Lake and I got to experience what dark water diving was like.  It was a sunny day, as we descended with our lights.  At about 20′ it was almost pitch black and I needed a light to see anything. As we went further down on the anchor line visibility went to  near 0.  I could not see my hand or anything else for that matter. Even with my trusty dive light there Continue reading “Dark Water Diving – Scuba in the Dark”

Underwater ROV (Part 1) – Ideas and using off the shelf parts.

I was recently reading the public safety diver magazine and noticed the small commercial ROV’s listed.  Intrigued I went to each site took a look then noticed the pricing.  They cost thousands if not tens of thousands to procure one.  I thought to myself, what if I just want a simple one to for what I’ve see as a need?  So I set out to do a quick feasibility study on build a small ROV for use with search and rescue and otherwise just something fun, useful, and inexpensive. Continue reading “Underwater ROV (Part 1) – Ideas and using off the shelf parts.”