Public Safety Radio Programming – The easy way – Processing Serial

In 2004, we had a large flood in area and departments from other areas of the state came to the EOC to help. One of the big issues was getting radios programmed so we could talk to each other.  Recently while playing with my Kenwood TK-380 I wanted to see how hard it was to capture and view the data. Using a simple processing script I dumped the data to disk and could see it was binary data.  Shifting things around it was possible to duplicate this to another radio without using the normal programming software.  It was also possible to make a “backup” of a radio.  Within a two week period I had a small Arduino with a battery that I could backup a radio and program radios in mass that cost less than $50 not including the cable.   Now that I’ve proved the concept I’m slowing getting exposed to more radio’s and radio systems.  If you would like to have a cheap programmer and radio duplicator let me know.  If you can spare a radio, cable and your software I don’t mind researching it and providing you the Arduino code to run on a PC or embedded stick.

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