2010 Dodge Ram 2500 HD Tips, Tricks, and Hints.

I purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 HD Laramie this weekend.   On the way home I wanted to delieve deeper into what I had just purchased and was shocked at the lack of documentation.  I had owned newer fords or older dodges so getting handed a key FOB to start the truck was a bit shocking.  They do give you a user manual and a DVD but I was unable to locate several things and figured out some more just by trial and error.  Below is a list of tricks, tips, and hints as well as some things I can’t figure out.  If you have a solution please drop me a line.

  • Exhaust brake.  I knew it had one but nothing in the documentation mentions it, how to use it, and when it is supposed to work.  First off you have to turn it on when you want it.  It defaults to off after the truck has been shut off.  The switch is pretty obvious on the center console.  It doesn’t seem to be very effective at low RPM.  One item to note is going down a hill and pressing the brakes won’t do much unless you manually downshift.  The best use is to simple set your cruise and it will do everything automatically downshifting to maximize the exhaust break.  It keeps you within 2 mph on the steepest slopes and its all automatic.  It does this without being in tow/haul mode.
  • DPF – Don’t worry about the burning smell it’s most likely the DPF burn off.  It does it about every 60 miles it seems with me.
  • High Idle – I didn’t know it existed but if you have the truck in part you can goto high idle by turning on the cruise control and doing a set.  You can set the speed by using the cruise control.  I’ve never needed it.  It always seems to warm up just fine with normal driving.
  • I really miss my Ford F250 keypad.  It was nice to leave the truck running and jump out with doors locked to grab a drink.  If anyone has a good solution for this let me know.  Getting the valet key out while still cranked is a hassle.
  • EVIC setting.  Dive into the menu and look at the setup. I changed several options from the defaults.  There are lots of options you can customize.  Everything from how long your lights stay on after leaving the truck to what doors unlock when you press the unlock on a remote.
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