TM-710 Keyboard Update

I’ve been working on a smaller version of the adapter that would be line powered.  I split up the system so that I can read the mic, keyboard and output to the radio as  I noticed the mic was used on other radios as well.  A prototype has been built and tested and with a non-lighted PS2 keyboard current draw is right at 97 ma.  On the prototype I included two RJ45 jacks but I’m likely to make thru hole headers in the next version to allow short traces, smaller board, and the ability to put in a project box with just grommets for the RJ45 leads. I figure everyone can either buy a premade RJ45 or make the cable they need and a coupler or punchdown jack to the mic is easy enuf to come along.  Anyways if you have any input now is the time to say something.  I will be doing a small run of these boards within the next week or so.

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One Reply to “TM-710 Keyboard Update”

  1. I would like very much to participate in your project; you can count me in for 2 of setups.

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