OSW Board TM-D710A Keyboard Interface revisted.

04/21/2011  08:00PM EST

I have gotten back to this as promised tonight and almost have a prototype of something new for folks wanting to interface with there TM-D710A.  I’m am tediously taking the CPLD logic to CMOS on a board thats all hardware based.  I will post all information on this blog post as time goes on.  This will not be a complete TM-D710A keyboard adapter, however by providing your own MCU platform you will be able to accomplish the same thing.  My hope is to get this all under the 100ma rating of the 710 8V source to be in line.  The spice run on my initial schematic shows 16ma for this board which will turn the one wire protocol into something a MCU can read.  I’ll also provide a AVR hex file to play with shortly.  If you are interested in building this please let me know by simply posting a comment.  Once I get at least 10 people committed I will order boards.  They will be prototypes and I make no guarantees whatsoever that they will work and you may need some bailing wire and replacement parts so you’ve been warned.  These will very likely be my last run of boards related to this issue as I have something that works already so if you aren’t afraid of SMD and getting your hands dirty post here.  I expect the boards and parts kit be less than $40.00US.

04/21/2011 10:12PM EST

Ok here it is.  Please post if you are interested and how many you want.  Once enough people post, at least 10 boards,  I’ll start contacting those folks and put together an order.  These are prototypes so they may require tinkering.  Basically this has  PWR connections that will work with the 8V on the mic or from 12V.  You will need to make a RJ45 cable to pull out the YELLOW / PIN 8 for the one wire communications.  On the edge of the board there is a pin for each row and column which you can control with your own MCU.



5 Board commitments so far. 5 to go.  I’ll likely refine the design a bit before sending off to have them manufactured but I’ll post the final design prior to ordering boards.

04/25/2011 10:13PM EST

8 Board commitments. 2 more to go.  Here is revision C.  Everything is kitted and ready.  I’ll be contacting those that have committed and place the order after 2 more boards, maybe a few more.  THESE BOARDS WILL BE PROTOTYPES!  THEY WILL TAKE ABOUT A MONTH TO ARRIVE AFTER THE ORDER IS PLACED!!!


04/26/2011   7:00AM EST The last two boards have been committed.  Those of you that have committed I’ll be emailing details to you.  If you plan to get one of these and haven’t committed I’ll need to know sometime early today.

04/27/2011  7:00AM EST Last call for boards!!!!  I’ll be sending out for manufacturing on Monday May 2nd early in the morning. No funds, no board.  I’ve already recieved funds for over 10 boards so Monday morning is the absolute cut off date.  Below is a gerber view of the board, now is the time to ask questions if you are ordering a board.

TM-D710A Keypad Adapter.

04/28/2011 – Few changes on the SO-89 footprints after test fitting parts.  For those that have contacted me boards will be sent to board house on Monday morning.

05/01/2011  The design has went to the board house.  I won’t be adding any more to this order.  For those that ordered boards they should arrive in 3-4 weeks and I will promptly ship them and parts pack when they arrive.  Here is the final gerber view.


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  1. Count me in for 3 boards and let me know where to send the funds ( and how much) to reinburse you for.

    Thank you for all your efforts.


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