SB710Key – TM-D710A Keyboard Adapter

Prototype boards have arrived.  I’ll be working with these for the next few weeks to hopefully finalize a line powered PS2 keyboard adapter for the Kenwood TM-D710A.  Here are some pics of the proto board.07/14/2011 – UPDATE waiting on some missing parts to arrive in mail.

07/20/2011 – All parts arrived except for the osc. It’s on backorder for at least two weeks.

07/29/2011 – Still no osc.  I’m researching alternatives.

08/05/2011 – Finally located something that should work.  2 week leadtime on this part so more waiting.

11/30/2011 – I ‘ve assembled and tested the few boards I had left and due to limited application of this I will be doing some sort of open source release of the project in December for those that want to build one of these and improve the software.

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  1. Just in case you thought no one else was following this project development…
    If you get into the production stage I’d love to buy one.

  2. Unfortunately there aren’t enough that want to purchase one to make this worth it to do full production of this board. You are welcome to build your own however. I’ve gotten several emails of interest and hearsay of need but reality is not enough people need it to justify it. If something changes I’d be wiling to revisit this project but as of now I’ve put it out there, some have build successful boards others abandoned their efforts.

  3. I guess that this may have been due to a lack of awareness. I only stumbled upon you by accident!
    From your reply does this mean that I can obtain a board from you together with either the necessary components or a list of those I need to source here in the UK?

  4. Right now its an abandoned project that worked and a few folks did a group buy of the boards. Due to lack of interest I don’t have any boards left and there is also software for the AVR that works but never was polished with all the features a few asked for. If there is renewed interest along with someone that has the time/coding skills to add some functions I’d consider giving it another look.

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