Kenwood TS-430S Control Board

I made it a bit deeper into the TS-430S this weekend.  While checking the alignment, it was clear there was an issue with the RIT.  It didn’t seem to work and I wasn’t seeing what I should have been at D5.  After looking around a bit on the board I found that VR3 was working sometimes and sometimes not depending on what mood it was in.  After replacing VR3 I wasn’t getting a proper RIT 9mhz signal but everything is more consistent now.  I noticed the dreaded glue around the 9mhz osc which concerns me and I’m very suspicious of that area.  When I have time next step is to remove all the glue from that area and try and determine if that has something to do with RIT not functioning.

07/24/2011  After deeper inspection of the glue area it became very apparent that X6 (9mhz) was no longer connected to the board. The leads had broken off right at the PCB.  I’ve spent some time trying to source a replacement.  Hopefully I’ll locate one soon.


08/01/2010 The control board now checks out with the 9mhz replacement.  On to the PLL board.






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