Kenwood TS-430S PLL Board.

After getting thru most of the alignment I’ve moved onto the PLL.  The board appeared to be in good shape visually but after doing the first initial checks at TP1 I realized there was a problem.  After carefully removing it I noticed a small gouge on the edge of the board which had broken trace connectivity.  I repaired that with a small bit of foil and solder.  I also realized that the caps had been replaced by the previous owner with larger volt caps which normally doesn’t cause an issue except the fit was too tight and smaller 10V caps are of preference on this board so they fit nicely.  I continued on after removing the caps and ordering parts from Mouser to replace the large 50V rated caps with the 10V.  So more waiting.

After replacing the caps and a complete the alignment the TS-430S now works at least as well as it did new.

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