Tempo 2020 Henry Uniden HF Radio Project.

I recently purchased this Tempo 2020 HF radio to rebuild.  I plan to start this project after the TS-430S is finished.

I’ve been scouring the net looking for information about this radio. Below are some links I’ve found thus far.

Yahoo Tempo Group (Very Useful)  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TEMPO_2020/

KX4OM Tempo 2020 Repair pages  http://www.kx4om.com/TechSolutions/Tempo2020_repairs/2020.html

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6 Replies to “Tempo 2020 Henry Uniden HF Radio Project.”

  1. Hi, I see that you have a link to my website regarding the Tempo 2020. If you need support in getting yours working, please drop me an email. I’m currently working via email with a ham in California on his 2020.

    73, Ted, KX4OM

  2. good day sir i just acquired a uniden 2020 without the power cord i wonder if you know how to make one like the pinout configeration
    any help kindly apreciated
    kind regards

  3. Does any one know how to neutralize or align these radios? I have the manuals that explain the processes, but my limited knowledge is keeping me from following the directions. Like, exactly where does one place the testing probe for the L119 collector? Are there any photos of someone actully making these adjustments? Thanks to all. 73s n0wfm

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