I’ve been working on a hardware to spin up a homegrown DMR/NEXEDGE/VOIP/DSTAR switch using freeswitch, some AMBE hardware, and common DMR radios (Hytera and Mototrbo) for use in Ham.  I have been working a board design I did last year to handle the AMBE codec.  The basic idea is to have a way to convert the AMBE codec to G711 to allow interface to other systems.  It also allows trunking/routing between systems.  If this something you might be interested in doing or helping with please let me know.  I’m really interested in hardware donations including NEXEDGE, DSTAR, and Hytera gear.


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2 Replies to “DMR NEXEDGE VOIP DSTAR Switch / Trunking”

  1. Shane,

    I’m really interested in your project and would like to know more and what I can do!


  2. I am interested in this as well. would like more info as well and offer up any help you might need.

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