TI Stepper Drivers DRV8818 and DRV8824

I’ve been working on a XMOS CNC controller board and in the process came up with two prototype designs using two different Texas Instruments stepper driver IC’s. The DRV8818 and the DRV8824. ┬áBoth of these ended up being able to control the NEMA 17 steppers for RepRap and the NEMA 23 for my small CNC router .

DRV8818 Board


DRV8824 Board



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5 Replies to “TI Stepper Drivers DRV8818 and DRV8824”

  1. I didn’t do pin compatible since I wanted all the signals as a breakout. But it would be something easy to adapt. I’m also playing with the -12 TI parts to test out the micro resolutions but it seems to be fine tuning based on the stepper. Tuning is pretty quick with a encoder but near impossible without one, at least so far.

  2. Hi Shane,

    I’ve also looked at these TI chips and a couple of ON semi chips for a robot I’m designing. I was worried about heat and thermal shutdowns. How do they hold up at max current? How complex were they in terms of supporting components ( Capacitors, diodes, etc… ) to get working?

    Are you going to design a full board, or just this breakout? Will it fit in the RAMPS slots? Are you going to sell the breakouts or boards?

  3. The current boards will hold up at max current in room air over 24 hours of operation. I ended up doing several panels of different designs trying to best implement the powerpad layout using temp probe and thermal imaging. I’ve sold several of the breakouts for the 8818. I am working on a RAMPS pin compatible version. For my reprap I’ve struggled with just doing an entire all in one board but haven’t yet justified it. It would create yet another fork of both hardware and software likely to only be used by me. I don’t want to do that without significant interest. I have used the 8818 and 8824 in other full board designs I have mostly related to small cnc and process control.

  4. I’m designing a 3d printer/cnc mill/inkjet printer/etc… Single robot, many uses. Electronics are one of my top problems — I have a couple of friends who have made boards around different drivers for their own projects. But none of them meet my needs so far. Most are either too low current for the CNC mill mode, or overheat when used in printer mode. RAMPS works and well, but needs to be adjusted for each mode, or it overheats. I want to enclose the electronics in a box — something truly consumer ready. I was thinking of designing a RAMPS like board with some minor tweaks around the 8818( screw terminals instead of pin header, all pin pass-throughs grouped and using ribbon cable ).

    Send me an email, and maybe we can work out a deal. I’ll be willing to put in some funds and make the board a standard part of my robot.

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