Wayehutta OHV Park

Wayehutta Basics

The Wayehutta OHV Park is a ATV riding area located in Western North Carolina. Officially it is the Roy Taylor OHV Park.  Most locals including myself call/pronouce it “Worryhut” It is located in the Cullowhee area. It is normally open from Dusk till Dawn and is a fee area (Few bucks per day).  ATV’s, SXS, and bikes are all welcomed there.  I’ve had no problems with larger machines like the RZR-S and 900.  RZR1000’s barely fit but I do occasionally see them riding some of the larger trails.  Recommended size for the Wayehutta area is < 60″.

Wayehutta Trip
Wayehutta OHV Park

Wayehutta Fee Area

You can also purchase a season pass from the a forest service location, Top Cats Grocery or Caney Fork Store.  Be sure to have your pass before going to the park. Here is a link of Trail 10 and the parking area. http://goo.gl/maps/KFKqj .  There is further information located in the parking lot related to rules, fees, and a map.  There is a rest room and water source in the parking area along with covered picnic area. Helmets are required and no double riding unless the machine is designed for it.  Cell phones do not work in the parking area but driving down close to the gate or many places on the trail that are elevated they work fine.  If you have an emergency dial 911, there are emergency service personal that train regularly in the area.

Wayehutta Trails

Trail 10 is the shortest trail to and from the parking area. You must enter the upper side of Trail 1 for a few hundred feet to enter Trail 10.  It is a one way area and exits back onto the gravel road that leads back to the parking lot.  I would rate this trail as the easiest trail.  The only obstacle is a small bridge which is approx 60″ wide.  RZR S and Ranger XP fit nicely snug while RZR 900s may want to have a spotter and be very careful.

Trail 11 is just below the exit of Trail 10. The inlet is also the exit from this trail.  The first section of Trail 11 is two way which leads up to a intersection where it makes a one way loop.  Parts of this trail are steep on both uphill and downhill sections. Also the trail in most places is very wide.

Trail 1 makes a  complete circle around all trails with the exception of Trail 10 and 11 which are independent trails. All other trails at Wayehutta are inside the Trail 1 loop.  To prevent getting lost, just remember that Trial 1 is the outer loop and either direction will eventually lead you back to the parking area or gravel road to the parking area.  Trail 1 is the longest trail and has a little bit of everything. It is well maintained and wide in most areas.  It also takes you up to two large ridge top areas for taking a break.  Trail 1 is two way and has a upper entrance at the top of the parking lot and is the trail you have to follow for a few hundred feet to access the start of Trail 10.  The lower entrance is near the gate to the park which can be seen if you look for the bridge right past the gate.  All bridges are the same width on all trails which is approx 60″.  On the upper side of 1 there is a rock “gate” that prevents anything larger than a RZR-S or 900 from passing.  If you have a RZR 900 with larger wheels or extensions its impassable.

Trail 2 has just been revamped and is very wide and fast.  It can be accessed from Trail 1 and is two way.  A very popular route is to ride in on the upper side of Trail 1 to Trail 2 then down Trail 8 back the parking lot.

Trail 3 is a two way trail that has some steep sections mostly sandy and clay.

Trail 4 is a two way trail which leads up to one of  ridge clearings on Trail 1.

Trail 5 is a very short trail.

Trail 6 has been revamped and has some very challenging uphill and downhill slopes.  It also has a partial rock climb section that includes two moderate hills with embedded rocks sticking out.  I have had no problems on either a RZR or ATV in two wheel drive picking a drive-able line.  It also has some steep grades with negitive cut that provides banks on both sides.  One of my favorite trails.

Trail 7 has been revamped and some sections are wide but with steep drop offs on the side.  This trail along with exiting 7 via 7A is one of my favorite trails.  There is a waterfall along the left side of this trail if you don’t speed by it.  This trail eventually leads to a optional section labeled 7A which is one way and extremely difficult. It is one of the most difficult trails at Wayehutta.   I have taken dirt-bikes, ATVs, RZR S, and even a 6×6 thru this area but its not for the faint of heart. Most everyone that sees it for the first time pauses and spots the area before attempting. It has very steep inclines with 2 sharp S sections.  Also there are very deep ruts that have to be navigated at steep angles.  I would recommend for first time visitors to ride at least with someone on this trail or see if anyone that has rode the trail would like to take you with them.

Trail 8 is has a very steep downhill section that is one way.

Trail 9 is nicknamed “Rocks on Rocks”. It is very rocky and is a one way trail rarely traveled.  There are some small streams at the trail in the rock section and in places it gets very narrow. I have no problems with RZR-S or ATV on this trail.  It is the most likely location at Wayehutta to encounter snakes at close proximity, use caution.


I ride at Wayehutta almost every weekend and using the map post above that should direct you to the parking lot as well as wet your feet on trail 10.  We normally ride in a fairly large group including RZR’s , RZR – S and ATVs. If you are going to be in the area drop me a line and if you have any questions about the riding area please ask.

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