IOS Iphone Ipad Tickets CAD integration.

Here a few screenshots of an IOS application I’ve been working on to allow IOS devices to communicate with external CAD systems.  This particular integration is with TicketsCAD.

This is the screen with no calls dispatched in CAD. It will allow creating a new call or sending location information to CAD system.
This screen is show when a call is dispatched. It allows me to set my status as responding to the call as well as GPS Tracking.
After units begin responding or arriving on scene that is shown in the call history. It enables you to see who is responding and who is on-scene.
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5 Replies to “IOS Iphone Ipad Tickets CAD integration.”

  1. Right now its pretty hard to get on a device. If you have lots of users that have Iphone 5 or ipads and using tickets that would be ideal testing. We have about 28 devices. It requires some mods and new files for tickets and ad-hoc install thru Itunes for the development software. I hope, if there is enough interest to put this one the App Store.

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