Wouxun KG-UV2D & KG-UV3D Fix – Flash Repair

Wouxun Flash Issue Background

Wouxun’s seem to either wear the flash chip out or are made with a bad batch of parts. Eventually all of them I’ve owned prior and everyone I know throws it in the trash. Below is a video of how to do the repair and its an easy fix. Wouxun used a very low write count part but there are better options as a direct replacement. The replacement part is a 24C64 found just about everywhere for under $1.   Please repair these when possible and if you are unable or unwilling, hand it over to a new ham or send to an old one to be repaired.

I recommend using a hot air station but it is possible to carefully cut leads with cutters for parts replacement.  When using cutters be sure to not rip any traces from the board.  Go very slow and use a good tool.  An alternative method is to heat and lift one lead a time. Mouser and Digikey both have alternatives for this part by searching for the 24C64.  Right now links to these parts are as follows:

DigiKey Search Results

Mouser Search Results

Wouxun Repair Video

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