Acopian High Voltage Power Supply P010HP6 – Tear Down and HV in General

DANGER DISCLAIMER! High Voltage devices are dangerous. So first and foremost don’t mess with one if you don’t know what you are doing and even then it may not pan out. You’ve been warned.

I happened across a HV Supply and just couldn’t resist. It was indicated that he had no idea if the HV supply worked and I knew prior that the HV module in these supplies really are not serviceable according to manufacture (Good Advice). The Tek TDS Scope that was to be traded for this device I was in my way and this was a great way to get ride of it. I in no way shape or form ever planned on using it. So, I pulled the trigger and swapped the Tek Scope for the HV Supply with the justification it would be less room taken in the lab. Really I just wanted it. The packages traversed the US and it took about a week for the traded items to arrive. The HV Supply arrived well packed and I begin to ponder what my procedure was going to be to ensure my safety during testing, how to test, and what the plan for it working as expected or not.

#1 Safety This particular device is rated at 10KV. It’s perfectly capable of “reaching out” to “git” you. Rumor is it turns you to goo. I don’t plan on finding out.

#2 I needed to keep #1 in mind for any testing or risk getting instantly cremated into a pile of ash or goo on the lab floor (Not really, but death is a possibility so care will be taken).

#3 Do I dare dive into the non-serviceable regions of the supply? I likely will but once that teardown occurs the device won’t be placed back into service, again abiding by #1.

The supply itself is a Acopian P010HP6 Supply. It appears it is still sold and serviced by the manufacture. The face has analog meters for current and voltage and really nice vernier controls for both. A large ON/OFF switch is also supplied. At the rear there is a HV output connector which looks like a GES HS-10 connector. There are connections as well for remotely controlling the unit and prior to turn-up, I’ll use the Acopian guide to verify it is in local mode.

Before I had planned to do the actual teardown/test I started thinking about how I might use this and here were some of the ideas that came to me while driving back and forth to work.

1. Mouse Trap – As novel as this sounds, I remembered I have a cat who would be very angry and hold a grudge if I took this duty away from her.
2. Flame Thrower – HV can certainly be used to ignite fuel. Not very practical or safe.
3. Plasma Speaker – I remember seeing this on the inter web somewhere. Nah
4. Rail Gun – Nah

Although they all sound like lots of fun I haven’t come up with anything really practical yet for this supply if it works. ┬áBut I’m sure it will come in handy for something.

Here is a video of the teardown and end result.


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One Reply to “Acopian High Voltage Power Supply P010HP6 – Tear Down and HV in General”

  1. Since this video I’ve found two uses for an HV Supply which worked out nicely.

    1. Check HV Caps against there spec.
    2. Check HV Protection circuits.

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