Powermate 2000I Inverter Generator Review

I needed a generator for a weekend camping trip and after some quick research located a locally sourced (Walmart) unit that would be somewhat of a gamble. It is a Powermate 2000i. Specs show output to be 2000 watts surge and 1600 watts continuous. I couldn’t find much info other than a pulsar brand review which appeared to be the same unit.  After picking it up and getting oil in it (they even gave me a funnel) I was pleasantly surprised to its quality, low sound, and output.  I’ve used it now for 2 weekend trips and have purchased another unit that I’ll be operating in parallel now that its A/C weather. The parallel connections are standard banana jacks but I’ll likely rig up a dead man style direct to 50A plug for convenience and keep a sense of danger with me while camping. I’ll likely show that as well but its a use at your own risk type of thing.


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