Moving the VMC into the Garage.

Moving the VMC into the Garage

Moving the Excel VMC CNC into the shop. I used 1″ steel to roll the VMC into the location I wanted in the shop.

The CNC Mill was shipped on a hot shot trailer to a local yard. The yard used a large forklift to move the mill to a rollback wrecker that transported and slid the mill into the shop. I used a hydraulic mini cylinder to lift the machine and placed 1″ steel rod underneath. I shifted the machine around with a long prybar. Both the rollback wrecker and Egyptian style of moving the CNC mill worked great. I was able to place the machine exactly where I wanted it in the shop.

Putting a VMC in a home garage is dream of many and I’m so glad to have a larger VMC back in the shop. There is a lot left to do to get this in operation. Things to consider are tooling, power, air, cleaning, coolant and a few other odds and ends.

This wasn’t my first VMC and wasn’t the first large piece of equipment I’ve installed in the shop. With that being said it wasn’t much different than the first and I’d encourage anyone into a home machine shop to just plan careful and have a Plan B,C,D ready to go.

Machine moving into the home shop checklist…

1. Will it fit? (Making it thru the entry, ceiling height. etc)
2. How is it getting to the shop? (Rollback, Semi, Trailer)
3. How is it getting inside the shop? (roll on steel, machine movers, etc)
4. How am I powering it? (3 phase, 1 phase)
5. Do I have the proper tools to set the machine up? (Level, Air)
6. Do I have items to complete a test run of the machine? (Coolant, Tooling, etc)

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