Haimer Repair & Vise Jaws Part 1

Doom, Haimer Repair & Vise Jaws Part 1

Things that happen when machining. Haimer 3D probe repair. Machining some softjaws.

My first week experience with the Haimer 3d Universal Probe did not go great. With in 30 minutes I had broken a tip. A few days later while running a part the probe fell from the BT40 ATC pot and damaged it. I contacted the manufacture and was advised repairs were not possible. No parts other than the probe tips are available.

At this point the expensive indicator was a door stop so I decided to disassemble it. I began assessing the damage, zeroing the indicator via 4 grub screws, and clean up of the rubber boot ring. I used my lathe to check out the probe position and accuracy. It now works just fine.

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