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Technical Rescuer Ropes and Rigging Study Guide

Technical Ropes Rescue

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West Fork Tuck

Now that the Dillsboro damn is settle will they begin releasing west fork.  Here is a you-tube of the study.  If anyone has any info please let me know.


Stihl 025 Maybe others starting issue no spark.

After hours of head scratching and lots of rope pulling on my 025 I finally found a simple explanation for why it suddenly stopped starting.  I've replaced the fuel lines, new filters, new plug etc.  I even cleaned it all out, cleaned the magneto, and checked gap. It ended up being a loose connection at the spark plug wire connector. They use a spring on a barb and it had come loose on the boot. You basically push the wire thru the boot and re spear the barb. I also took the extra step of soldering the wire to the spring.  Hope this helps somebody else.