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2010 Dodge Ram 2500 HD Tips, Tricks, and Hints.

I purchased a 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 HD Laramie this weekend.   On the way home I wanted to delieve deeper into what I had just purchased and was shocked at the lack of documentation.  I had owned newer fords or older dodges so getting handed a key FOB to start the truck was a bit shocking.  They do give you a user manual and a DVD but I was unable to locate several things and figured out some more just by trial and error.  Below is a list of tricks, tips, and hints as well as some things I can't figure out.  If you have a solution please drop me a line.


Rescue 3 SRT Swiftwater Rescue Technician Class SRT 1

I recently took the Rescue 3 SRT class at Haywood and Nantahala River.  It's certainly one of the best classes I've taken.  Leaving the class you certainly leave with a good feeling that you can perform a swiftwater rescue.  Our class was a three day class, beginning on Saturday at Haywood community college for the classroom portion.  The next two days (Sunday and Monday) were on the Nantahala River.  Our class instructors were Rescue 3 instructors Trey Smith and AJ Bird.  I've taken other classes with both instructors and it doesn't get any better, not to mention a comfort level existed, with instructors you know and trust.  If you consider taking this class, below are my recommendations based on my experience in class: