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AMBE Codec board. 2020 and 3000.

I've been working on using DMR in ham radio for some time and found an immediate need for the AMBE codec for both encoding and decoding. Playing with DSTAR i had build a 2020 breakout board and I've migrated this design to the 3000 to do the AMBE2 codec.  There doesn't seem to be much interest in this but if you are please drop me a line.  I'd like to find more uses for this. Right now I'll be working on an off with a Freeswitch based DMR repeater controller.  Hopefully to allow DSTAR, DMR, and analog systems to be interconnected at some point.


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Working Kenwood TM-D710A Keyboard Adapter

The TM-D710 keyboard adapter works.  It's a bit bulky using a AVR prototype board, interconnect and PS2 port.  Now that I have that working I'm thinking it would be even better to use the serial port to connect to the TNC.  I'm not sure yet if it's not just easier to use a laptop with xastir plugged into the data port of the TNC.