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KiCad Mac OSX Build 2933

I've been working with KiCad lately.  Initially I started with the windows version, then the linux version and I've managed to build a MAC OS version. The binaries are below in a zip file.



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Kenwood TM-D710A Keyboard Adapter Version 2 with USB

Well I dusted off this project sometime last week and got back into using it, then it happened.  My trusty roll out PS2 keyboard stopped working.  Most likely it had something to do with shutting it in the truck door.  After looking thru my junk pile it was clear that I didn't have anymore PS2 keyboards that were small enough to carry with me.  I found no less than 5 floppy keyboards with a USB interface which refused to work in PS2 mode.  After some pondering I prototyped a USB Keyboard to TM-710A mic keyboard adapter.  Figuring out the USB host side took some work but I finally can type on my keyboard in the truck using the USB keyboard.  I was hoping there were more interest in this project to take it from prototype to something smaller and I'm hoping a USB version might spark some interest.  Power is an issue and currently I have powered the board and the current hydra of connections but I think with some careful planning and downsizing it can be powered via the 8V source on the mic cable.  Anyways if anyone is interested in this project.  I don't really feel like prototyping a board specifically for this unless its going to be a run large enough to justify building a compact version.

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