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ADG 728 Kicad Library

Download the ADG 728 KICAD files below to use the ADG 728 in your own designs.

adg728 - KICAD (ADG728.zip)



TM-710A Keyboard Adapter Design

Interest during the last few months is very sparse on the TM-710A Keyboard adapter.  I haven't' put much work into it since I've found other options.   I do not plan on doing any more kits for this board at this time. This is a option for anyone that did not complete an initial build.

The concept used on the board is to drive the normal mic with a AVR chip and emulate the mic on the TM-710 board which is controlled by the AVR.  Software will have to be completed to come up with something useful and this design may not be perfect.  I have used this board and the previous OSW board in my mobile setup for a long time without any issues but have switched to using a SSD based PC.