RZR Mini Multiplexing Part 1 – A Smart Solid State Relay for Lightbar, Winch, and anything else on a UTV.

RZR Mini Multiplexing Part 1. This is a multipart series of design, prototype and build of a small multiplexing system for UTV’s. Initially this will replace lighting and winch relays with solid state control. The goal is to replace the traditional use of a relay in the rzr for winch and lighting control. Later I will integrate this with canbus work for speed and gear info from the Polaris RZR to turn on reverse lights based on gear selection and turn on rock lights at low speed.

Motorola R2210B/HS Service T/R Part 3.

I purchased a non-working Motorola R2210B/HS service monitor just to take a look and see if it was repairable.   In Part 3, I fix and test all the issues found and end up with a working service monitor.

KICAD OSX Package with NGSPICE Simulator Enable.

I put this together for testing.  Package download is below (At Very BOTTOM).  You will need to homebrew a non-standard ngspice (doesn’t have ngspice lib by default).  Its avail here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jmaibaum/homebrew-core/8ac02ae933c4cd5d1f661b6a2bda2f429d5f1e87/Formula/ngspice.rb . Note the NGSpice homebrew is in flux and this version is done jmaibaum.



Used Metcal and Thermaltronics

How-to get a great soldering system setup. Buying used Metcal and Thermaltronics to assemble a great soldering system. I’ve been over my Metcal setup in an older post but this a video of the setup and how to get what you need for a great setup.

BFDX TD-503 DMR Review


I’ve been using the BFDX TD-503 for several months on the local DMR repeater and NCPRN.  The main reason I really like it and its found its place above my Mototrbo and Hytera is it the GUI by default shows the Frequency and Channel Name.  Controls are standard and easy to use.  The case is high quality and it has some heft to it.

It has been left out in the rain, taken on swift-water calls (submerged in the river), dropped, banged, and otherwise abused with no issues whatsoever.

BFDX TD-503 In Water
BFDX TD-503 in Swiftwater
BFDX TD-503 In the Rain UTV
BFDX TD-503 – Rain UTV


BFDX TD-503 - Confined Space Ropes
BFDX TD-503 – Confined Space

Programming is easy and the cable is inexpensive.  The audio quality is better or on par with both my Hytera and Mototrbo’s in both analog and digital mode.  This radio works great on analog repeaters as well.  I’ve been using this pretty much exclusively for any outdoor adventures (UTV’n, Rafting, Swift-water Rescue, Climbing) without fail, mainly because of its price point and performance.  At $250 brand new its much less expensive than a used Mototurbo or Hytera.


I had some issues with the audio on this so bear with it.  Also standard definition only.