RZR Mini Multiplexer Part 8 – Canbus R&D

RZR Mini Multiplexer Part 8 – Canbus R&D.

Earlier work on checking the CAN-BUS connection and signal on the RZR 1000S. I capture some traffic to ensure I can see at least the speed and gear selection for the new module to control the HCControl2.

RZR Mini Multiplexer Part 7 – Rework and Reuse of Prototype PCBs

RZR Mini Multiplexer Part 7 – Rework and Reuse of Prototype PCBs.

Rework of an early prototype to use with the canbus controller and to have an additional RS485 device on the bus. HCControl2 is in the RZR 1000 S at this point and replaced the relay for the lightbar and winch. I’ll be adding reverse and rock lights soon to integrated with CanBus to enable turning on the reverse lights in reverse and auto rock lights on at low speed.

RZR Mini Multiplexing Part 1 – A Smart Solid State Relay for Lightbar, Winch, and anything else on a UTV.

RZR Mini Multiplexing Part 1. This is a multipart series of design, prototype and build of a small multiplexing system for UTV’s. Initially this will replace lighting and winch relays with solid state control. The goal is to replace the traditional use of a relay in the rzr for winch and lighting control. Later I will integrate this with canbus work for speed and gear info from the Polaris RZR to turn on reverse lights based on gear selection and turn on rock lights at low speed.

KICAD OSX Package with NGSPICE Simulator Enable.

I put this together for testing.  Package download is below (At Very BOTTOM).  You will need to homebrew a non-standard ngspice (doesn’t have ngspice lib by default).  Its avail here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jmaibaum/homebrew-core/8ac02ae933c4cd5d1f661b6a2bda2f429d5f1e87/Formula/ngspice.rb . Note the NGSpice homebrew is in flux and this version is done jmaibaum.



What’s Next in Ham Radio Rant

Just a quick video of what’s next in Ham radio and some projects I’ve been working on, as well as others, to get there.  Some highlights:

What’s Next…

  • MultiCodec – Codec2, AMBE…
  • Remote Standardized Head Unit / Retrofit
  • Less PC .. More Embedded
  • More modular
    • Easier to use and the possibility of installing station away from Radio.
  • DSP development in the hands of more people.
  • Older Designs get updates.
  • Powerful Tools getting more accessible
    • KiCad (New stable, RF Traces (Curved), Diff Pair Routing (USB, etc))
    • Inexpensive STM32 and other DSP platforms
    • Filter Creation and Simulation


An open source codec for compression is up and going (CODEC2).

AMBE is much easier to implement and get ahold of.

Remote heads are beginning to pop up commercially in the FlexRadio line.

More embedded projects/products including SM1000, FlexRadio head unit, and many many DStar node adaptors.

DMR radios have hit the market to warm up the digital voice market, many which are under $300 new.