B&K E-200D and Heathkit Signal Generator Cable Connectors

I’ve had several email’s about some of my test gear in recent weeks and one item of interest from many was the cable used on my B&K E-200D Signal Generator.  I used a premade 50 ohm BNC cable and attached a 2501F connector.  So if you need these connectors they can be found numerous places.  Search for 2501F, vintage mic connector etc to locate the connector.  I prefer when possible to keep my gear original in case I sell the unit for an upgrade and the cost of the connectors is very small. I was able to purchase two for less than $12 including shipping. On is a BNC adapter and I used the other for a 50ohm gator clip style cable.  Switchcraft is the manufacture of the connectors I used.


The datasheet is below.

Switchcraft Vintage Microphone Connector