Fixing CNC Tap Trays. Patreon Page

Fixing CNC Tap Trays. Patreon Page

I had a bore size issue on the #1 Tap Adapter Trays. This is the setup of job to fix the bore size and chamfer. I made a math error on the first tray. I have a Patreon page if you would like to see more videos, access to design files (Electronics and Mechanic), and pre release access. Thanks for watching!!!! Please subscribe.

Haimer Repair & Vise Jaws Part 1

Doom, Haimer Repair & Vise Jaws Part 1

Things that happen when machining. Haimer 3D probe repair. Machining some softjaws.

My first week experience with the Haimer 3d Universal Probe did not go great. With in 30 minutes I had broken a tip. A few days later while running a part the probe fell from the BT40 ATC pot and damaged it. I contacted the manufacture and was advised repairs were not possible. No parts other than the probe tips are available.

At this point the expensive indicator was a door stop so I decided to disassemble it. I began assessing the damage, zeroing the indicator via 4 grub screws, and clean up of the rubber boot ring. I used my lathe to check out the probe position and accuracy. It now works just fine.

Home Shop Garage VMC Machining.

Home Shop Garage VMC Machining.

Home Shop Garage VMC is machining parts. I did some test cuts and rigid tapping in 6061. I purchased a used mill and moved it into my home shop. So far, the mill is in good condition and making tolerances on parts. It has taken some time to go from an older HAAS control to the Fanuc OM control.

Making something better. Hacking Lawnmowers. Deck Shaft Disconnect.

Sometimes I get something I really like and discover a big flaw in it’s design. In the following case, my nice shiney new riding mower deck shaft had just given way again.  I believe this was the third failure.

The pot metal frame and weak steel direct shaft was a problem and after spending several hundred dollars over the past few years I decided to do something about it.  Off to the big shop.  After some quick layout in Fusion 360 and a quick 3d print of the housing for test fit, I started work on the shaft while the mill was cutting the housing.  I’ve gotten 2 complete mowings now before fall and it works great.  I was pressed for time on this but I did manage to snap a few photos of the new shaft and threading.

I also had to slightly modify a new tool holder I purchased as the ways were too tight for my liking so that took a bit of time to finish up.  Now I have a nice shiney new dedicated HSS cut off holder and a mower that won’t fail me.

As a benefit the deck has never ran smoother and of course within an hour of mowing I found a bend cable plow blade.  The new shaft disconnected like it should and no damage to the mower.