UHF Repeater Troubleshooting

UHF Repeater Troubleshooting

A quick video on Basic UHF Repeater Troubleshooting.

Hamtronics – REP 200 TX PL Mod.


The local club came to me to add TX PL Mod to the local VHF repeater. It’s a well aged Hamtronics REP 200 that had one tone board installed for RX.  They specifically requested that the TX board only transmit during reception of the RX PL tone. This is to allow you to setup a RX PL so that you only hear voice traffic.

I reviewed the new tone board and the REP-200 schematic and whipped up something that worked.  I mounted the new Tone Board close to the existing one.  I used a transistor on the new board to control the existing REP-200.  Before giving it back to put into service, a slight alignment was done and thorough testing, including burn in.  Its been on the mountain working now for at least 2 months with no issues.