Big Tex 14OD Dump Trailer Over Deck Review

Big Tex 14OD Dump Trailer Over Deck Review

Owners review of the Big Tex 14OD Dump Trailer Over Deck – Deck Over. This trailer is rated at approx 14,000lbs GVWR. It hauls just under 10,000 lbs. The primary reason I chose it, is the flip down sides for loading pallets and other items that require flat deck. It also can haul my GC1720 Tractor, Gravel, or just about anything else.

Powermate 2000I Inverter Generator Review

I needed a generator for a weekend camping trip and after some quick research located a locally sourced (Walmart) unit that would be somewhat of a gamble. It is a Powermate 2000i. Specs show output to be 2000 watts surge and 1600 watts continuous. I couldn’t find much info other than a pulsar brand review which appeared to be the same unit.  After picking it up and getting oil in it (they even gave me a funnel) I was pleasantly surprised to its quality, low sound, and output.  I’ve used it now for 2 weekend trips and have purchased another unit that I’ll be operating in parallel now that its A/C weather. The parallel connections are standard banana jacks but I’ll likely rig up a dead man style direct to 50A plug for convenience and keep a sense of danger with me while camping. I’ll likely show that as well but its a use at your own risk type of thing.


AmScope SE400-Z Review-PCB inspection.

AmScope SE400-Z Background

I have several implements for PCB inspection including real time macro video, several usb type microscopes and the old trusty head mounted magnifier.  Many times the real time view of a microscope is the best option and most used one.

The AmScope SE400-Z is a stereo boom mounted scope with a flexible gooseneck LED light. There are several options available and I have the 10x and 20x wide-field eyepieces along with the 1x objective lower section.  Other options can be purchased later if you so desire.

The theory is this will be realtime while soldering unlike the usb scopes, put you close to the work being done and still provide stereo vision for soldering and inspection of PCBs.  This scope delivers exactly that and doesn’t take up a lot of room on the bench.  This scope is very economical and works great for PCB soldering and inspection.

UPDATE 08/06/2015

At bit more use and the more I like it.  It’s just a pleasure to use.  The LED light works well for changing the angle of light when needed.  The optics are really nice now that I’ve gotten used to the height.  Still highly recommended for PCB work.

AmScope SE400-Z Video Review