B&K E-200D and Heathkit Signal Generator Cable Connectors

I’ve had several email’s about some of my test gear in recent weeks and one item of interest from many was the cable used on my B&K E-200D Signal Generator.  I used a premade 50 ohm BNC cable and attached a 2501F connector.  So if you need these connectors they can be found numerous places.  Search for 2501F, vintage mic connector etc to locate the connector.  I prefer when possible to keep my gear original in case I sell the unit for an upgrade and the cost of the connectors is very small. I was able to purchase two for less than $12 including shipping. On is a BNC adapter and I used the other for a 50ohm gator clip style cable.  Switchcraft is the manufacture of the connectors I used.


The datasheet is below.

Switchcraft Vintage Microphone Connector




Kenwood TS-430S IF Board Repair

07/14/2011 – After removing the IF board from the TS-430 I could see some issues right off hand.  The top site of the board was realitivly clean although I noticed some excess thermal compound on the regulators which gave me a hint that this IF board had been repaired at some point.  Getting it out I could see lots of oxidation, burn traces at one of the regulators and at least one connect that had ripped the traces from the board.  Tonight I cleaned up much of the board tested all the diodes on the rear of the board, and repaired the 5V traces.   At this point the radio seems to work but I don’t have very good recieve and it still only transmits on some bands.  On the bands it does transmit on it does full output which is a good sign.  I’ll be working on the IF board for the next few days as its in bad shape on the rear side.

07/18/2011 – Well thus far, I have replaced the traces on the 5V regulator with jumpers as the eyelets were missing and that area of the board wasn’t in very good shape.  I also located a burnt or gouged trace which will need repair.  A missing eyelet was found on Connector 10 and I ended up glueing the connector to the board and replacing the trace with a wire.  After looking at the board from the top I’ve noticed several missing caps.  I expect someone has tried to repair this board and during checking cold solder joints they may of pushed the caps off the board without noticing.

07/19/2011 The gouged trace has been repaired.  Now the IF section seems to be working at least a stage or two away from the audio section.  I ended up with a TX issue which was a bad connection at the molex connector which slowed progress on the IF board issues.